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expobar monroc

The first Hotspot on Machine review of 2014 sees us take a closer look at Expobar Monroc espresso machine. Produced in Spain, Expobar are renowned as one of the most reliable coffee machine manufacturers in Europe. A well established model, the Monroc maintains its position as a popular choice amongst non-specialist coffee retailers looking for a small, cost effective espresso machine.

Available in a 1 or 2 group head model, with the option of a tall cup design at no extra cost, the Expobar Monroc packs many key features into its compact body. Continue reading for our opinions on the strengths and weaknesses the model possesses and what you can expect from the Monroc.

Expobar Monroc – Overview

With a user friendly design that incorporates professional espresso making technology, your establishment will benefit from an efficient coffee machine that offers plenty of control and ease of use for new baristas.


The single group machine benefits from a much narrower body, allowing it to be positioned on counter corners to reduce the amount of space taken up. With 2 groups the machine offers the barista to make two cups simultaneously, thus speeding up processes for multiple drink orders.

Core Features

Each group head benefits from 4 quick-select coffee dose size buttons, allowing for instant programming to match each drink required. Other notable features include the built in volumetric pump, with particle filter and copper boiler that benefits from auto fill technology and low level warning light.

Design Highlights

What the stainless steel chassis of the Expobar Monroc lacks in head turning style, it more than makes up for in practicality. A robust finish that has a genuine feel of quality is also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Size & Applications

Available in 1 and 2 group head models, the Monroc is aimed at the compact, low demand market. If your establishment caters for takeaway drinkers, the tall cup model variant provides the space necessary to fit and fill takeaway cups.

Power Requirements

Both the 1 and 2 versions of the Monroc run off a standard 13amp socket.

Unique Selling Point

The marketplace for small commercial espresso machines is not short on competition, but the Expobar Monroc stands out with an enviable price tag that enables bars and restaurants with low demand for coffee to deliver an improved drink offering.


Like most products catering for a budget market, the Monroc does inhibit certain sacrifices. Restriction to a single steam wand ensures only a one barista can use the machine at any one time. The design of the unit isn’t as impressive as other options that cater for the small coffee machine market, the Zoe Compact being one that offers a vast choice of colour options in an altogether neater frame that is likely to draw attention and boost coffee sales. If can look beyond the cosmetic drawbacks, the Expobar Monroc could be a viable solution for your business.

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