The production of your coffee is not only an art but a science that sets you apart from your competitors. At Casa Espresso we offer Barista Training courses for all skill and experience levels in our dedicated facility in West Yorkshire.

Meet Jonnie – Our Lead Barista Trainer

Jonnie Drake

Jonnie Drake has several years experience as a professional Barista and successfully competed in the 2013 UK Barista championships. Also our Head Roaster with unparalleled enthusiasm and a deep passion for quality coffee, Jonnie ensures that all our courses are relevant, insightful and most of all – fun.

With a relaxed learning environment that stimulates group discussion and participation, feel free to ask Jonnie all of your coffee questions and he will provide you with all the information that can take your business to the next level.

Upcoming Barista Group Training Dates

25th April, 23rd May, 27th June

Barista Training – 9.30-12.30PM – Latte Art 1.30-4PM

Learn More About Our Courses

Barista Training

Duration: 3 Hours
Format: Group (Max 4 people)
Price: 1 Person £60 or 2 Person £108

This course Ideal for any budding Barista with little or no experience with espresso machines, and great for anyone who has had previous training or experience and would like to hone their Barista skills. The course entails:

  • Brief coffee history, processing methods and roasting
  • Basic grinder adjustment and calibration
  • Espresso preparation and procedure
  • Milk steaming and texturing
  • Pouring and creating an extensive range of espresso based beverages
  • Basic espresso machine maintenance and cleaning
Latte Art

Duration: 2.5 Hours
Format: Group (Max 4 people)
Price: 1 Person £110 or 2 Person £185

Roughly 90% of the drinks served in cafes are milk based drinks. Being able to produce consistently top quality lattes and cappuccinos is vital in today’s market. Well produced drinks like this not only taste great but look fantastic. From the basic heart to complex triple rosettes, we aim to teach you the free pour techniques to produce creative and quality driven milk-based drinks.

Barista Training & Latte Art

Duration: Full Day
Format: Group (Max 4 people)
Price:1 Person £160 or 2 Person £280

This course combines Barista Training and Latte Art to create a full day session.

A great way of developing the core barista skills, this dual course takes you through the fundamental aspects of creating great tasting coffee drinks just like the professionals.

Group sessions includes a small lunch break. Please bring your own lunch. Upcoming dates can be found further down the page. Please contact us to inquire about private training days.

Advanced Barista

Duration: Full Day
Format: Private – Contact for Dates
Price: POA

This course is designed to nurture and educate enthusiastic baristas with a passion for coffee. The course aims to pull apart the parameters of coffee extraction so that the Barista can get the best from any given coffee, consistently. The course contains advanced training on:

  • Extraction parameters
  • Manual brew methods
  • Refractometry and extraction yields
  • Temperature profiling
  • Dose calibration
  • Coffee cupping
  • Origin variables
Home Barista Course

Duration: 2 Hours
Format: Group (Max 4 people)
Price: £50

Have you recently bought yourself a brand new espresso machine for home? Or thinking of purchasing a Rocket espresso machine? We will take you through each step from making an espresso and adjusting your grind to steaming and texturing milk. You will be learning on a Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R & Fiorenzato AllGround grinder.

Here you will learn:

  • Dialing in your espresso
  • Brew ratios
  • Create perfect micro-foam
  • Get the most out of your machine

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