FAQ Our New Packaging

It has almost been a month since we have introduced our new packaging, and we thought to write a little blog post about Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why have you changed?

For years we were unhappy on how our old packaging wasn’t eco-friendly. The mono plastic bags were fine as you can recycle them with soft plastics. But most councils do not recycle them, and the only way was to take a trip to a supermarket and drop them off at their collection point

  • Why is there no zip lock or one way valve?

In order to make them 100% recyclable with household paper and also home compostable, the zip locks and one way valves are made of plastic, therefore it was necessary not to have them.

  • How do I store my coffee then?

We have found the best way of storing your beans, & ground coffee,  is decanting the coffee into an air tight container, we have 350g canisters on our website, but we will also have brand new 250g & 1kg Airscape canisters on the website.

  • Why are you sending 1kg bags in 2 x 500g bags?

We currently don’t have our new packaging in 1kg bags, as the manufacturer are not producing a 1kg bag that can cope with the size and weight. This is why we are sending them in two 500g bags.

  • Can I still order my coffee in the old 1kg bags?

Yes you can, if you feel that you still prefer to receive your coffee in the old 1kg bag, please let us know at checkout in the notes section

  • Does the coffee keep fresh in the bags?

The new bags have an oxygen & moisture barrier, but it’s never going to be as airtight as foil or plastic. However we have tested the coffees in the new packaging and we haven’t found any issues with freshness over a 4 week period from roast date. As long you consume the coffee within this period or decanter it in air tight containers, we think it’s a change for the better.

We hope we have managed to answer all your questions and queries about the new packaging. Please let us know your thoughts, do you love the new packaging? Or if you have any doubts, please let us know.