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Coffee Brewed At Home – 1. Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee The variety of ways to brew coffee at home these days is staggering, and probably confusing, with terms like immersion, draw down, the ‘Scott Rao’ spin and extraction thrown around. In this series we plan to go back to basics and cut the crap to bring you what you need to know about […]

Coffee Origins – 1. Ethiopia

An introduction to coffee origins We roast coffee from all around the world, from the Americas to Africa to Asia. There are so many countries that produce good quality coffee, so why are they all different? In this series we aim to shed some light on the diversity of coffee. We will take you on […]

How to Steam Milk – Our Guide to Milk Steaming

Milk Steaming

Before you can create those wonderful latte art designs you dream of forming on top of your coffee, you need to steam the milk to create the frothy, creamy texture. In this post we break down the steps involved with milk steaming, pinpointing areas which can negatively impact on how your final drink turns out […]

How to Make a Latte Art Rosetta – Casa Espresso Barista Tips

latte art rosetta

Welcome to the first in our new series of Barista tips. We’ll be providing step by step guides and useful information on a variety of coffee making techniques to help those new to the Barista world improve and develop their skills and knowledge. In this post we overview how to draw a Rosetta using professional […]

How to Choose the Right Commercial Coffee Machine

choose right commercial coffee machine

Whether you’re thinking of opening up your own coffee shop or simply want to upgrade your existing espresso machine it’s without doubt the single most important piece of equipment you will buy. With that in mind, it’s essential you get a coffee machine that’s a good fit for your business. The problem is there’s such […]