Mahlkonig E65s GBW (Grind by Weight) Espresso Grinder

Mahlkonig have established themselves to be considered as first choice espresso grinders for any specialty coffee shop baristas looking for the perfect companion in their shop and with the E65s GBW and E80s GBW recently being added to the line up, we’ve managed to get our hands on the E65s GBW model here in our roastery and after some time with it here’s our thoughts.

Anyone and everyone in the industry knows the importance of tracking espresso numbers so to speak from the grams in the basket, extraction time and mls out. The new models introduce a revolutionary Grind by Weight (GBW) technology which pairs on class leading on demand grind and precise weight into an impressive package which eliminates the need for a potentially bulky scale in your set up.

The weighing technology is cleverly implemented into the porta filter holder, once you place the porta filter on the holder the grinder will automatically tare and begin to grind within a second. The screen will then track the grams dosed on a crisp and clear LCD screen and once the target dose has been achieved, light up green. It’s go time simply distribute, tamp and extract.

Diving into the menu I found it to be extremely user friendly, making an adjustment is quick and clear and the main thing I love is the level of control it offers baristas from recipe statistics to taring tolerance and much more in between. It’s also important for a grinder to look the part and both models compliment any machine they sit with such as the elegant Victoria Arduino Eagle One .


The two models to choose from, the E65s and the E80s, both offer the same package with the difference being 65mm and 80mm burr set. If you can stretch I would always go for the larger burr set offering a faster grind time which is always an added bonus but especially so if you’re in a busier shop blitzing through arabica.