Introducing our new Home Compostable Coffee Pods

The time has come! We have always strived to make Speciality coffee more accessible to everyone and there has always been an area we knew we wanted to get involved in, the coffee capsule market.


Pod machines, nearly every household has one since Nespresso® and George Clooney made them all the rage and what’s not to love? A small footprint which allows them to fit in any space neatly and offer quick and easy coffee at the push of a button. Whether you’re rushing out the door to work or relaxing on the sofa sinking your teeth into your favourite book, capsules are a popular choice for many households.


Over the years capsules have become more and more accessible with Specialty roasters showcasing coffees from all origins and we’re happy to now be a part of the wave. The main thing for us is not only making Specialty coffee more accessible but delivering a quality product in doing so, we’ve tried and tested 3 of our core range coffees and after a long process we are over the moon with the results and excited to introduce them to our line up.

On top of investing in a quality product, we are conscious of environmental impact and that’s why we have chosen to use VegeCap 100% home compostable capsules over aluminium pods you may usually associate with capsule coffee. We wanted to be sure we ticked all our ethos boxes and here is 3 of many reasons we have chosen VegeCap as our gateway to capsule coffee:


  • VegeCap capsules are 100% organic, 100% Biobased & 100% Sustainably sourced. Compared to aluminium they reduce carbon and energy cost in the manufacturing process substantially.


  • Although improved, aluminium capsules are still proving difficult to recycle and cannot be done from home therefore a lot of Aluminum has a poor environmental impact and for us isn’t sustainable. VegCap capsules allow you to simply put your capsule in your home compost or food waste and it will wholly degrade within 6 months.


  • Taste is not impacted in any way by the capsules. Non-affiliated laboratories have proven this through Organoleptique & Migration testing.

As a package not only do the VegeCap capsules aid us in achieving our environmental ethos but help us deliver the great taste we strive for. Our three core range coffees available are our Charlestown Blend, Colombia Volcano and Colombia Decaf, available as a package of 10 capsules. We recommend pulling a short espresso type cup to extract the most flavour however they can be extracted as a larger cup too.

You can buy our home compostable coffee pods here