Verona RS Review

verona rs review

Made famous by its 5 year stint as the official machine of the UK Barista Championships, the Verona returns to offer even more power and performance in the form of an RS edition.

With a background of success, can the Verona RS make a name for itself and live up to the high standards set by its predecessors?

Continue reading our review to learn about the evolution of the Sanremo Verona RS, making it one of the leading commercial coffee machines available to buy in the UK.


Internal Improvements

sanremo verona rs

Temperature Stabilisation

The most important aspect of the RS is the way it manages temperature for coffee extraction. The individually controlled grouphead boilers are fed by a combination of hot water from a heat exchanger in the main boiler and cold mains supplied water, both of which pass through a mixer and deliver input water at around 78 degrees. This almost eradicates any destabilisation from taking place, extremely beneficial for the barista who wants to achieve a consistent brew temperature.

To further stabilise the temperature control system in the Verona RS, boilers and all associated pipework are fully insulated. No matter how hard you work the Verona RS, it is almost impossible to knock the temperature away from its set point.

Pre-Infusion Control

Another great feature of this new machine is the added pre-infusion control. A 2 way valve allows the barista to programme for water to be pumped to the group head at 3 bar pressure before kicking up to standard pump pressure (normally 9 bar). The difference this additional control makes to managing coffee extraction should not be underestimated and is a feature we’re extremely happy to find in the Verona RS.

External Changes

Verona RS Closeup

Individual Grouphead Displays

Unlike its predecessors, the RS benefits from a separate display above each grouphead. This provides information on espresso shot time as well as real time group temperature, while the shot is extracting, extremely useful for skilled baristas. The main machine display maintains its position on the right of the machine, but is now larger and offers the barista even more feedback, such as individual group boiler set temperature, steam boiler temp, water level, along with vital programming and management information.. Another nice touch, quite literally, is that this display is entirely touch screen.

Subtle Cosmetic Improvements

The grouphead boilers have been enlarged and are now made from high grade stainless steel. You can find the machine in two new finishes – Matt Black and Matt White, further enhancing the ‘sportier’ feel Sanremo have created with the RS.

Remote Bluetooth Control

Another innovation introduced in the RS is Bluetooth connectivity. Via an Android App, you can now manage all coffee settings and machine controls directly from a compatible mobile phone.


Verona RS Collage

The RS marks another forward step for both Sanremo and the Verona series of coffee machines. Much like in the automobile industry, an RS edition eludes a premium, desirable and sportier model and this is certainly the case with the Verona RS. With the new colour options, styling and technological advancements, we can see the RS being in strong demand across the UK.

To see a full list of specifications and PDF brochure, check out the Verona RS here. Alternatively, contact us today for pricing and availability.

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