Benefits of a Coffee Machine with a Temperature Control System (TCS)

TCS Benefits

Espresso is normally brewed with water at a temperature range of somewhere between 88 to 95 degrees.

A coffee machine that offers the barista control over water temperature is vital for difficult coffees, such as single origins and lighter roasts, but equally as important is the machines ability to stabilise the temperature.

Skilled baristas keen to produce consistent tasting drinks will try to mitigate these effects that unstable brewing temperatures may have, but due to the variability in coffee extraction, no barista can tell exactly what the temperature is within the group head.

To aid the barista, coffee machine technology has evolved to offer more in terms of temperature stability and control, but this is reflected in the higher price tag.

Temperature Controlled Coffee Machine

In this post we look at the advantages of a coffee machine with temperature control functionality to asses how the added financial investment in coffee machine equipment can benefit your business.

Effect of Temperature on Coffee Extraction

Firstly, lets take a quick look into how temperature affects your drink. If the coffee is brewed at a temperature that is too low, the espresso will taste sour and under extracted. If the coffee is brewed at too high a temperature, the espresso will taste bitter and be over extracted.

Darker roast coffee is easier to extract, thus requires a lower dose and temperature to avoid over extraction. Lighter roast coffee is harder to extract and needs a larger dose with a higher temperature to avoid under extraction.

Standard, single boiler espresso machines can be very consistent if used well, but will tend to have a set temperature that can only be adjusted by changing the pressure of the boiler. In doing so, this can affect the coffee machines ability to steam milk.

Benefits of Temperature Control Systems

Achieve the Right Brew Temperature


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Varying coffee blends and single origin coffees have individual ‘ideal’ brew recipes, for example a low altitude, dark roast coffee may only require 14g of coffee at 90 degrees, on the other hand a high altitude lighter roast coffee may require 18g at 95 degrees. A couple of degrees out and you’ll notice big differences in the taste, ranging from too bitter to too sour if the temperature was too high or too low respectively. With more control, both in terms of flexibility and stability of the temperature, a TCS machine offers you the dynamic ability to offer a wide range of different coffees.

Individual Group Head Temperature Control

Going beyond temperature control in a single boiler, espresso machines like the Verona TCS, as used in the UK Barista Championship take this a stage further and control the temperature of water by feeding each group head from a separate mini boiler. Each individual boiler can be controlled to deliver a programmed temperature.

This not only avoids the inconsistency issues but also gives the ability to set the machine to ‘optimise’ extraction by meeting the temperature requirements of different coffees. This results in a far higher quality and consistency of extraction, with the added benefit of less wastage through the discard of unwanted shots.

Enables Amateur Baristas to Produce Great Tasting Coffees


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TCS machines make it easier for a inexperienced barista to produce high quality coffee. This is due to a reduction in the number of factors within their control. With less distractions and more factors on ‘autopilot’ you can be sure that even new additions to your staff will be able to produce a great tasting coffee.

What’s more, even with multiple baristas in your business with a TCS machine you’re able to get a greater consistency across the board. Producing drinks to a high consistency is something that your customers will expect, as variations can lead to a dissatisfaction that is often likely to tempt them into going somewhere else for their caffeine fix.

Sanremo Coffee Machines with Temperature Control Systems

We supply 2 of the very best temperature stabilising coffee machines on the market. Here’s a quick introduction to each;

Verona TCS


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One of Sanremo’s flagship coffee machines, the Verona TCS was the official machine of the UK Barista Championships and has generated acclaim across the globe for its wealth of features and enticing design.

See more of the Verona TCS coffee machine here –

Roma TCS


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Often referred to as one of the most stylish coffee machines on the planet, Sanremo’s Roma TCS coffee machine is more than just great looks, its the workhorse behind many successful coffee businesses.

See more of the Roma TCS coffee machine here –

Is a Temperature Control System (TCS) Right for You?

An interesting point to note is that most TCS (Temperature Control System) machine purchasers are second machine owners. Most first time buyers find it difficult to see the value of temperature control and are therefore deterred into making the added financial investment.

If you would like to learn more about our coffee machines with temperature control or to experience one for yourself at our coffee machine showroom, simply get in touch with our team today.

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