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Amalfi Review

Welcome to the second in our “Hotspot on Machine” series, this series focuses around reviewing espresso machines and providing an overview of the types of environments they’re best suited to. This blog post focuses on the Amalfi Espresso Machine. Don’t forget to check back next week for our next installment, or of course you can contact us if you have any queries at all about the machines in our collection.

The Amalfi – Overview

The key feature of the Amalfi model is that it can be used to make coffees directly into takeaway cups, thanks to the space between the group head and the drip tray. You can easily fit a 12 ounce takeaway cup or a large mug directly under the group head, without the need to use smaller cups and pour out.
It also offers the flexibility of having a fold up cup shelf halfway up, so if you want to make coffee directly into an espresso cup you can pull down the shelf and rest the cup upon it. This makes it a really flexible machine.
This is ideal for a busy sandwich bar which mainly does takeaway cups, or for a demanding coffee shop which uses large mugs.

It also comes in white, blue, red and black.


Power Supply

This machine requires to be wired in using single phase electricity, due to its large boiler size.

Optional Extras

The Amalfi can be fitted with an electronic cup counter to enable the number of shots run off to be counted.

USP (Unique Selling Point)

The versatility that the Tall Cup gives you, alongside its competitive price, is its biggest USP. This, alongside with the 12 litre boiler makes it capable of dealing with any type of busy commercial environment.


Whilst it offers a superb, flexible functionality, it lacks the style and looks of the Verona, which is also available in Tall Cup It also does not have the E61 group heads.

Picture Credits

Thanks to Serenity Shisha Bar, Leeds

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