Hotspot on Machines: The Verona Series

verona reviews

This week’s “Hotspot on Machines” features the Verona – our most popular, desirable and unique espresso machine. The Verona Series includes three models: The Verona SED Verona TCS Verona Tall Cup This Hotspot blog will consider how to choose which Verona is right for you, and how to customise it to suit your business. Firstly, […]

Hotspot on Machines – The Amalfi

Amalfi Review

Welcome to the second in our “Hotspot on Machine” series, this series focuses around reviewing espresso machines and providing an overview of the types of environments they’re best suited to. This blog post focuses on the Amalfi Espresso Machine. Don’t forget to check back next week for our next installment, or of course you can […]