Zoe Compact – Compact Commercial Coffee Machine

zoe compact review

In October we overviewed Sanremo’s latest product announcements at HOST2013, one of the largest conventions in the hospitality industry. Amongst a number of exciting coffee machine updates, one of the most anticipated launches was in the form of Zoe Compact, a new take on the hugely successful Zoe coffee machine. Born from a desire to […]

What is the Best Commercial Coffee Machine?

best commercial coffee machine

One of the most commons questions we get asked by coffee shop owners is “what is the best coffee machine out there?” our answer, although somewhat biased, is the same every time; SanRemo Espresso Machines. When we started Casa Espresso in 2000 our mission was simple; help local Coffee Shops thrive and serve the best […]

Coffee Machines for Restaurants

coffee machines for restaurants

In this post we continue the our restaurant theme and identify coffee machines suitable for a range of restaurant sizes, highlighting the machine characteristics required to accommodate the varying demands restaurants face. Regardless of size and cuisine, the importance of providing a quality coffee offering as part of the beverage mix is more important than […]

How to Choose the Right Commercial Coffee Machine

choose right commercial coffee machine

Whether you’re thinking of opening up your own coffee shop or simply want to upgrade your existing espresso machine it’s without doubt the single most important piece of equipment you will buy. With that in mind, it’s essential you get a coffee machine that’s a good fit for your business. The problem is there’s such […]

How To Start A Coffee Shop – Some Top Tips

start a coffee shop

If you are reading this, chances are you have decided to make the leap and join the £5.3billion* coffee market in the UK and open your own coffee business. With independent coffee retailers making up 36.3% of the overall café market in 2011*, indie’s are standing shoulder to shoulder with chain shops on the high […]

Fairtrade Fortnight and Our New Fairtrade Blend


As some of you may be aware, this week has seen the commencement of Fairtrade Fortnight 2013. Celebrated from the 26th February through until the 10th March, the annual event which has reached its 17th year, continues to go from strength to strength. The campaign is organised, funded and promoted by the Fairtrade Foundation with […]

Casa Espresso… “Great Company with Great People”

We had a great start to the day this morning when we received a testimonial from one of our newest customers, Café 74 at The Lawrance. Based in York the café is located within the newly renovated Lawrance Apartments in Mickelgate which is about 5 minutes walk from the train station. Like many of our […]