Coffee Lover Competition

coffee lover competition

Here at Casa Espresso we’ve decided to launch our very own coffee lover competition just in time for Christmas. It’s aimed at anyone who blogs and loves coffee. Two topics that seem to go hand in hand! All you have to do is write about coffee, anything from why you like it, to how you drink it, whether you have any secret ingredients you like to add to a cup then post it on your blog and let us know about it by emailing us at We’ll be picking the winner based on their passion for all things coffee and the style of their writing. The winner gets a coffee related prize! We’ve also added 2 runners up prizes into the mix as well. For more information – keep on reading…

What’s in it for me?

  • A cool coffee related prize
  • Increased exposure for your blog
  • A chance to connect with other bloggers and coffee lovers
  • We’ll tweet and share your article giving your blog added exposure
  • Your entry will be promoted on our own blog
  • Did we mention a cool coffee prize?

What exactly do I win?

  • 1st Prize: A full Barista Kit so you can create perfect coffee everytime. Includes a stylish hand tamper, a high quality foaming jug, a set of espresso cups, accessories and two full bags of Casa Espresso Rainforest Alliance Coffee.
  • 2nd Prize: Two bags of Casa Espresso Rainforest Alliance Coffee
  • 3rd Prize: One bag of Casa Espresso Rainforest Alliance Coffee

How do I enter?

  • To enter you simply have to write a blog post that’s coffee related, it can be on your own blog, or a guest post another blog, all that matters is that it’s related to coffee. So it can be anything from why you love it, how you first discovered a taste for it, how to make the perfect cup, how you see coffee developing in the future. As long as it’s coffee related, you’ll be fine!

What are the rules?

  • All content must be your own and not reproduced from elsewhere
  • There’s no word count as such, but needless to say a paragraph isn’t going to suffice, but at the same time, don’t write a book!
  • The post has to contain a link back to the Casa Espresso site.
  • Please email us a link to your blog post once it’s published to
  • Closing date for entries is 20th December 2011, winner’s will be announced on the 21st and prizes sent out to arrive just in time for Christmas!
  • Entries must be from the UK and Ireland

How do I win?

  • Your contest submission will be judged first and foremost the quality and style of the content, if it’s written with a serious passion for coffee then it stands a very good chance.
  • We’ll also place weight on the number of comments you receive and how your content is shared through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter – this could help us sway one way or the other in the event of a really tough decision.

What are you waiting for? Make yourself a cup of coffee and get writing!

If you’d like any additional info or have any questions, drop a comment below or email us on the above address.

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